Study in Canada

Canada is recognized for its quality of education. The number of international students keeps increasing in Canada every year. Canada offers Canadian International Student Program that can guide you from a study permit, visa to permanent residence. Canadian degrees are profoundly valued in other countries. The expenditure on education is affordable as compared to other countries. It provides a comfortable lifestyle and hence it is a popular choice for graduates and post-graduate students. Many international students come to Canada to pursue higher education and become permanent residents. Students are allowed to work part-time after college hours and when their degree is completed, they can get full-time jobs which can lead to them applying for permanent residence in Canada. If a student is married, they are allowed to bring their families for convenience. Universities provide accommodation to students too. The country is known to have favourable weather throughout the year and citizens with high moral values.

You will find universities with varying degrees from technical, technology, humanities, medical etc. International students are provided with health insurance and medical coverage too. Transportation in Canada is safe and housing is available easily making it one of the best countries to study in.