Terms and Conditions

Like any other educational institute, we too have some basic terms and conditions laid out keeping in mind the courses we offer. The terms and conditions are as follow:

  1. Services: Any kind of course or test facility offered by us would come under the heading of service. You will get the details such as beginning date, ending date, full syllabus, and some other aspects of the course once you have purchased it from us. In addition to this, we at any given time can withdraw any of the services mentioned on the website without notice. Lastly, make sure to confirm whether or not the service you have selected fulfills your needs once you have purchased the service we won’t be held responsible.
  2. Purchasing of services: The first step, to begin with, would be the forming of an account over our website portal, if you already have one kindly log in through the same. Once you have now you are eligible for selecting the service of your choice and paying the fees for the same over the website itself.
  3. Cancellations and variations: Please make sure that once you have bought a service of ours you then have agreed to be bonded by a legal agreement which comes in action once:
  • We receive a mail request from your end asking for the purchase of a service or course of ours.
  • Once we have received the fee amount that is subjected to the particular you asked for.

Beginning from the day of purchase you then would have 14 working days to cancel the service you purchased.

*If you already have downloaded and accessed every aspect and part of the service you just purchased then you shall not have cancellation rights. Other than the terms set above if you still wish to proceed with cancellation then the terms for that would be as said by the authorities.

  1. Fees: The fees for any given course would be the same as to mention on the website. No negotiations or changes in price would be acceptable.

The prices set out on the website would be irrespective of the local taxes and VAT until and unless said so, in addition to this any deliveries asked for under the order will be subjected to delivery charges. Any payments that you make during the process of purchase are to be made carefully any mistake or inconvenience in the purchase won’t be the responsibility of the firm.

  1. Liability: We even though have full faith in our tutors and their experience in the respective field of teachings we yet won’t be held liable for any misinformation provided within the program, corruption or data theft, and any loss of profit or revenue. Everything would be following the agreement and if not liability would be questioned upon the scenario.
  2. Intellectual property: For any given course or service purchased by you some guidelines must be followed by the user. This includes:
  • User isn’t allowed to copy, publish, reproduce the course or any of its given materials.
  • Recording of video or audio of the ongoing or previous classes is strictly prohibited.
  • Usage of course provision and materials of any given source isn’t allowed to be applied or put to use in any other coursework.
  • Reverse engineering, modifications, adaptations, and other aspects aren’t allowed to be applied to any course.
  1. Confidentiality: The information and data of any two parties should never be disclosed or used in a public or third party. The given data though can be shared with the legal advisors only for advice upon a given topic. Any other use of the information other than the one mentioned above can lead to consequences depending upon the extent of the break.
  2. Termination: The given terms and conditions can be dissolved and terminated given the conditions are:
  • failure to pay fees
  • aggressive or abusive behavior
  • cheating or plagiarism in the work done and submitted
  • Stealing or fraudulent of the courses supplied
  • Intentional or reckless damage to our institute’s property
  • Any intake of alcohol or drugs by the user
  • If the user has committed any criminal offense
  • Have broken the terms and conditions of our institute
  1. Assignments provided: The work and material that we provide you ( the user) with under the course you have purchased shall be limited to you only. The given data isn’t permitted to be shared or transferred amongst other people.
  2. Agreement: The terms and conditions, website disclaimer, and guidelines for respective courses all together form the agreement that binds the institute and the users of its website or courses. This agreement shall at all times be kept in mind and followed sincerely without negligence.
  3. Law and Jurisdiction: Breaking of any clause of the agreement, damage to any of the property, hampering of institute’s public image, and kind of criminal offense all are subjected to punishment under the laws set by the jurisdiction system.
  4. If you have any other queries or have your doubts about the terms and conditions then just approach us for a better understanding. You can give us a call at 778.879.1277, or visit us at 204- 12725 80th Ave. Surrey. BC. V3W 1A6. You can also drop us a mail at [email protected].