IELST short for International English Language Testing System is an examination system that determines the fluency and proficiency of a student in the native English language. The test consists of various categories such as reading, listening, writing, and speaking. The test has been accepted across the world by various esteemed universities and over 140 countries. IELTS not just helps the students in their admission process but also supports them when it comes to scholarships. There are two ways in which you can attempt the IELTS examination the first being on paper, and the second being on a computer. Those willing to pursue their studies in Canada through IELTS must make sure to have a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 to 6. Your score on the test decides the list of possible universities for your studies, the higher the score the better the chances. Students must keep in mind that there almost 3.5 million students taking the IELTS every year, so they have to outstand in the examination to prove their worth to universities. Students often look for courses that could help them excel in the examination. Our firm makes sure that students get to learn and improve from the most reliable and recommended courses.