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Points To Keep In Mind While Preparing For The IELTS For The Reading Test

IELTS is one of the highly preferred and accepted exams for admission in several universities across Canada and globe. It is also one of the highly crucial exams for getting a visa in several countries. Therefore, every year several peoples prepare for IELTS exams to get a visa.

Many of you might be wondering about how to score 8 in the IELTS exams. Well, it’s not a hard job to do either, a cakewalk as well. Reading is undoubtedly an essential part of the IELTS module. This module is known to be demanding and tricky. 

To perform well, it is suggested to focus on the strategies as far as reading is concerned.

What Is the IELTS Reading Section? 

IELTS tests your ability to read and understand what you have read. To do well in this test, you need to paraphrase the main ideas and details. You also need to identify critical information, make inferences, and understand.

There are three passages in the test, and one of them will tell you about the writer’s opinion, attitude and purpose. You need to know how well these aspects are expressed by the writer when answering the questions.

The difficulty of each passage will increase as you progress through the test. The reading test for general and academic training is the same and cannot be taken separately. If you finish early, the time is added to the listening and writing tests.

Tips for IELTS Reading Test Before Sitting in Exam 

Avoid reading the whole passage because you only have limited time to finish your exam. 

Do not spend more time thinking about a difficult question than you will be able to recover later by spending less time on the other, easier questions. Do not spend more time on a complex question that any points you get from it will pay off.

If you try to solve complex questions simultaneously as easier ones, the difficult ones will use your time and energy. In contrast, the more straightforward questions will only get answered superficially or not at all.

You should spend 20 minutes reading each passage. If they’re more accessible, you can increase the time, but you may want to decrease the time if the courses are challenging.

Rest assured that the transit takes more than 25-30 minutes. It is advisable not even to delay the passage for a minute.

Here are more tips for the IELTS reading test:

Practice your reading skills: The test timer runs for 3 hours. You have to read the passages and answer the questions within that time. Practice developing your speed-reading skills so that you can read more quickly and scan the information.

Work on your Grammar: Make sure you practice all the grammatical quizzes before attempting the exam, as English is all about grammar. 

Skimming and scanning: Most passages will have a general statement that summarizes the passage’s contents. It will help if you underline these words to recognize them in the answer choices quickly.

It would help if you also look for specific words that can tie sentences together. Such terms include pronouns, articles, and synonyms, which you should use to create links between sentences.

Develop strategies: There are 14 different subtypes of questions in the Reading section. To score well in this section, you need to learn how to tackle each of these subtypes.

Understand the test format: The first two passages in the listening test for IELTS General Training are different from the first two passages in the listening test for IELTS Academic.

Use your observations from the diagram to predict what information the table will contain. That will help you to attempt your exam creatively. It is very crucial in the reading test to make predictions after looking at the question. 

Final Words

It is not easy to prepare for IELTS nowadays, and especially to score 8 in the exam. But it’s not a hard rock that you cannot even break. If you have done your preparation well enough, then with no doubt you can get an excellent score in the exam. 

In the above post, we have discussed points to keep in mind before sitting on the IELTS reading exam. If you are interested in preparing for IELTS reading test then can get in touch with Canadian Education Hub.

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