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Crack your CELPIP exams with these easy tips that no one told you!

Some are worried about passing the CELPIP exams. But don’t worry, with our experts guidance, you can easily crack any competitive exams !

CELPIP scoring and the CELPIP test appear to be comparable to IELTS in terms
of difculty. In reality, it is often considered that both are equally diffcult. The
hearing and speaking components of CELPIP are substantially lengthier than
those of IELTS. As a result, the writing component has reduced in length.
Canada’s immigration policy takes the CELPIP passing score into account. For
example, the minimal passing score for express admission to any module is 7.
The passing score ranges from 24 to 16, with 16 being the lowest.

Read and speak in English daily.
Make an effort to converse in English with your friends, family, and coworkers.
Remember that the Speaking Test is administered by a computer and that no
human examiner is present. So that you can feel secure throughout the test,
practice speaking into a recording device.
Attempt to read as much as possible in English regularly. Any English reading,
whether it’s English publications, online articles, or whole novels, will help you
enhance your overall reading comfort and speed.

Don’t use a fake accent
Do not concentrate on your accent unless it prevents you from being
understood. Instead, focus on using proper grammar and a diverse vocabulary.

Extract information.
Don’t try to cram knowledge into your head! It is important to note that the
CELPIP Test is not a memory test. You will not be required to use information
from one portion of the test in another. Rather than memorizing, attentively
examine the content and try to extract information by recognizing essential
ideas and features. Practice inferring from context as well.

Use different reading strategies.
Don’t make the mistake of trying to memorize facts! The CELPIP Test isn’t a test
of memory. You will not need to use information from one portion of the test in
another. Instead of memorizing, attentively examine the content and try to
extract information by recognizing signicant ideas and details. Practice
making inferences from context as well.

Don’t stress the vocabulary.
It’s ne if you don’t grasp every word in a text; you don’t need to know
everything to understand the key points. If you come across a word you don’t
recognize, try to gure out what it means based on its context in the sentence
or the passage as a whole. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next sentence
and skip the diffcult word.

Do as many practice tests as you can
More the merrier! There are numerous resources available online, ranging from
free online practice tests to additional paid practice tests. This will give you a idea of your current score level and allow you to concentrate on areas where
you need to improve.

Attend seminars and webinars
For each test component, you can access hours of free webinars hosted by a
CELPIP expert. These online courses are available as live webinars and
recorded sessions on YouTube and other websites. We recommend attending
them if you want to learn more!

Use free study materials and resources
These days, we have a wide variety of online study materials at our disposal.
Many experts are offering free coaching to help you prepare for CELPIP by
providing additional practice tests. So, whenever possible, use as many
resources as possible to improve your chances. A self-directed online study
program with worksheets and practice tasks is also beneficial!

Apply English in all daily activities
Increasing your vocabulary and becoming acquainted with a variety of English
contexts, such as articles in newspapers and magazines, are excellent ways to
improve your reading skills.

Preparation programs
Contact your local test center to see what preparation programs are available in
your area and online for additional guided preparation. Online study programs
provide study materials that you can use every day, ranging from vocabulary building exercises to reading strategies to help you perform better on tests.
These are an excellent addition to your daily study routine

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