CELPIP or IELTS Which is better for Canada Immigration (1)

CELPIP or IELTS: Which is better for Canada Immigration?

Students often face the dilemma to pick CELPIP or IELTS. Which is better for Canada Immigration? Here is a comparison that will make your task of selecting between the two citizenship tests more peaceful.

You should understand the similarities and differences in both tests before deciding on either.

What are the similarities between CELPIP and IELTS?

  • CELPIP and IELTS both are citizenship tests that examine your English Language proficiency. These tests are required because Canada’s native language is English, spoken by 75.4 percent of Canadian citizens. 
  • Either can be preferred for immigration to Canada and to study in the country. Once you clear any of these, you can take admission to a Canadian University. After a few years, you can apply for the Canada PR process
  • Both the tests demand preparation as both can be arduous to clear. Especially, for people who aren’t from native English speaking countries. 
  • Both will test your skill in English by giving you real-life scenarios.


What are the major differences between IELTS and CELPIP?


  • International English Language Testing exam can be given online or through a paper-based system. The speaking exam is taken in an interview style. 
  • You can score from 0 to 9 on this test. Zero is given to those who do not attempt the exam.
  • British English is given more focus here. It will accept American and British English too. 
  • The score of IELTS for foreign universities except for Canada is also accepted. 
  • IELTS is more generic than CELPIP.
  • In IELTS, speaking has three more sections, first where you can express your opinions, another where you can talk on everyday topics and speak on a topic of your choice. 
  • The listening tasks in IELTS focus on basic things that you come across in an English speaking country. 
  • The reading task is longer and slightly challenging for a non-native English speaker. 
  • IELTS preparation is of two types. One is a general exam for people looking for immigration while the other is an academic exam for people who want to go for higher studies. 
  • The result is declared after 13 days of your date of exam. 
  • There is no minimum score that you require to pass IELTS. The marking scheme is different and IELTS is regarded as more theoretical.


    •   Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program will be a computer-based test for all the sections. 
    • CELPIP is better for people looking for Permanent Residency. CELPIP exam requires students to respond to day-to-day situations in a native English speaking country. 
    • CELPIP focuses on Canadian English but it accepts American and British English. CELPIP is better for immigration to Canada. 
    • The CELPIP score range is from 1 to 12 for each section. CELPIP is easier than IELTS. There are seven speaking sections in CELPIP to check a variety of elements. 
    • The listening and reading tasks are further divided into sections. 
    • This exam has two variants: one is where you can select only LS (Listening and speaking) for only immigration to Canada, while the other includes reading, writing, speaking and listening. 
    • You can give CELPIP in one go as all the sections need to be answered one after the other. This is a newer test than IELTS. 
    • It is specifically catered for people who want to migrate to Canada. 
    • You have to score at least 7 points in each section out of the total points which are 12. 
    • The result is declared after 8 days of your date of exam. CELPIP has gained some popularity over the former years in Canada and outside the country. 
    • CELPIP is a more practical-based test than IELTS.

If you want to make sure that you get into Canada then you can give both the tests too. However, if your only purpose is to get a job in Canada or study in the country then CELPIP will be the better option. IELTS is accepted in other countries and is considered more ambitious and if you are looking for that then IELTS will be for you.

Hopefully, this gave you an idea and cleared your doubts to help you make an informed decision. You can traverse this website to understand CELPIP and IELTS official exam procedures. You can contact us and see our other website by clicking the link.


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