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10 Best survival jobs in Canada for immigrants !

Survival jobs are especially common among students. Young individuals seeking work experience, and newcomers to Canada who did not have a job lined up before arriving. Do you know that the world’s most prominent and wealthy individuals have all worked as survivalists in Canada at some time in their life? It is relatively very simple to be hired, and for many, it is only a means to an end. In this post, we disclose the top 10 survival jobs and their pay, as well as the five perks of working in a survival job for newbies and how to apply for one!

Even though the pandemic had quite an impact on society, survival jobs are available everywhere in Canada, even in the midst of uncertainties. And the best part is that the pay is pretty high! Especially in provinces like British Columbia, Alberta, and Ottawa. If you are facing any difficulties, you can simply contact us to get expert solutions! So let us see which are the 10 Best survival jobs in Canada for immigrants amidst the pandemic!

  1. Essential workers for supermarkets

In the middle of a pandemic, one of the most trending and demanded jobs in Canada falls under the essential workers’ category! Consider these survival jobs to be a slow introduction to Canadian society. You can easily become a grocery retail shop without any restrictions. Take the time to learn about the inhabitants’ quirks, customs, and habits.

  1. Restaurant Waiters/Waitresses

A survival job in a restaurant is an excellent way to break into a corporation. You can mingle with a lot of people to make more connections. You can work as a waiter/waitress, dishwasher, serving staff, cleaning staff, billing, and so on. 

  1. Cashiers

This is one of the best jobs among the survival category. As a cashier, you can work in any store or company as well. This experience is also relevant and good to get a full-time job in your province. A lot of people apply through online platforms, but you can try direct walk-ins too! People who got high scores in online IELTS classes might have better communication skills to apply!

  1. Fruit Harvesters

Although this is a seasonal job in Canada, people can earn a lot from such jobs, Pumpkin patch, apple plucking, and so many other jobs are available during each season. Moreover, working at such an entry-level job can enhance your chances of success and development as a worker, as well as assist you in achieving your ultimate objective via patience and hard effort.

  1. Uber Drivers

If you own a car, you can very easily become an uber driver. But in Canada, you don’t have to own a car! You can rent a car and become a partner. Or you can even work as a staff in the Uber companies.

  1. Delivery Persons

Since the lockdown and the pandemic trick all over, a delivery job is one of the best ways to earn a side income. The only thing you need is a vehicle and a license. But if you are a student who came here directly after an IELTS exam online, then you might not have a driving license. But the happy news is that some provinces offer permission to drive if they have an international driving license or a local license in their home countries.

  1. Supermarket Managers

The possibility of survival jobs is not limited to entry-level jobs. It is less expensive for a firm to hire a fresher rather than an experienced outsource personnel. That is why they hire entry-level managers and floor supervisors!

  1. Masseuse 

One of the most highly paid jobs in Canada is in beauty parlors and massage parlors. It might need a certificate of occupational therapy, one can join as an assistant as well.

  1. Indian Authentic Cuisine Chefs

Since authentic and experienced chefs are rare in Canada, you can try this job as well. Even though there are many hotels and restaurants in Canada, the availability of local chefs is less. Those who know the original flavor and have the cooking skills for a particular country are limited. 

  1. Call Centre Agent

A call center job will help you to gain more communication skills, which is really essential for a typical Canadian life. It will not only help you establish new friends and contacts, but it will also help you gain confidence and enhance your communication and presentation skills in future interviews when you are ready to go on to greater things. If you have studied any online ielts classes in Canada, this can be an added advantage to improve your language.


There are several ways and techniques to locate one, some of them are as follows: Employment sites: Just as when looking for a regular job, you can discover survival jobs on websites like Canada’s Job Bank, Indeed, Monster, Workopolis, CareerBuilder, or SimplyHired. If you have a good score on your ielts exam online, then you can add that on your CV to boost your chances of hiring!


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