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Free and paid online test portals to prepare for CELPIP Exam.

The CELPIP, or Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, is a language assessment software that assesses hearing, reading, speaking, and writing abilities. CELPIP is for persons who need to prove their English language expertise to qualify for permanent residency in Canada. CELPIP-General LS is for persons who need to prove their language speaking and language listening skills to gain Canadian citizenship. IRCC recognizes the CELPIP-General Test as amongst the two recognized English languages for citizenship in Canada.

There are plenty of paid and free portals where aspiring CELPIP candidates can take professional guidance and practice tests. 

A few of the most popular tools are listed below.

  • TCY online 

This site offers a paid series of tests and guidance to the aspiring candidate. In addition, one can take a free test before enrolling to any of their programs. They have two programs: INR 999/- and INR 1650/- respectively.

The first program offers 12 sectional tests (three listenings, three reading, three writing, three speakings), and one scored mock test. It also provides a simulated testing experience on the actual CELPIP interface, predicted scores’ report notifying CLB scores, and many strategies PPTs for writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

The second one has 12 sectional tests (three listening, three reading, three writing, three speaking), and two scored mock tests. Also, the second test provides a simulated testing experience on the actual CELPIP interface, predicted scores’ report notifying CLB scores, and many strategies PPTs for writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

  • Four Models 

This is also a paid portal, and here you can customize your course as per your need. They give a free demo test and charge INR 50/- for each test of each subtopic, i.e., listening, reading, writing, and speaking. 

They offer severely detailed tests on all four fields, covering almost all the aspects. To know more details, you can log on to their website and check out their programs. 

  • Paragon Testing Enterprises

This is a free portal and contains the starter sets of CELPIP General Practice Tests and CELPIP General LS Practice Tests in addition to a demo test.

This test package has two CELPIP-General sample tests. This package also has the right answer keys listen and read test performance standards, mentioning the crucial factors that the CELPIP graders consider when assessing writing and language speaking responses. 

  • TSP Tests

This is a paid portal as well. It provides tailor-made programs based on your needs, free handouts, test practices by top-quality practice exams, free prompt and detailed marking. 

They collaborate on consultations and program configurations. The tutor will create a curriculum based on their discussions with you. After that, the program is given to you for approval. No classes will begin unless you have agreed to it. The program strikes a good balance between methods, skills, and themes. We don’t prioritize one above the other. All written and speaking assignments are free to mark and assess. Tutors will mark ten entries in a specific program. 



Though there are many more, all of these websites will help you prepare for your exams if you invest in the right places. Students can visit our website to get in touch with the experts and learn more things to crack the exams easily. Students can take online classes to prepare for their exams. Canadian Education Hub provides two hours of free sessions for all the students across the world that students can take to understand how they teach. Experts in Canadian Education Hub prepare all the students for exams like CELPIP, IELTS, CELBAN, and many more. Besides this, they can work on their English speaking, writing, and listening skills to improve their efficiency. So buckle up, and ace it!

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